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We provide service and warranty service for any Takubo Product or DIA product purchased in the United States, Mexico and many parts of South and Central America regardless of what distributor it was purchased from.

We have experienced Factory trained personnel ready to assist you. We provide e-mail and telephone support free of charge for all products sold. We continue to extend this service for all DIA, Takubo and Takubomatic products, even those that are no longer manufactured.

All parts are in stock at our factory. Most Parts are in stock in our North Florida Service center, any back ordered or unusual parts normally can be shipped to our Florida facility in less than a week.

Often; Due to call volume and growing staff levels the simplest way to get quick answers to simple questions or to have us call you back when we are available an e-mail may be the fastest way to communicate.


Chinese Copies of our Machinery:

Currently there are dozens of Chinese copies of our machinery, some on the outside are so nearly identical that even we need to open them to be sure it is a copy. Aside from the obvious differences (Borazon instead of Diamond in the grinding wheels, poor size tolerances and chucks that are smaller than the machines can accommodate) as close in appearance to our products as they are they actually vastly different in internal construction. Very few parts are interchangeable with our parts. For this reason we do not service Chinese machinery.